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Student Support

Surrounding Students with Care and Support Makes All the Difference

We strongly believe in supporting our students by offering comprehensive wrap-around support systems and resources. Here are some of the key highlights that we provide:

Mentor smiling while messaging with a student on their laptop


Students are assigned a personal mentor upon enrollment who is committed to supporting them throughout their academic journey until graduation.

Student receiving in-person tutoring at a HUB location


Free tutoring services are available for all students. We offer in-person tutoring at our HUB locations and online tutoring services for those who prefer virtual assistance.

Student using personalized resources on a laptop while working on his class

Academic Resources

We provide resources to help students succeed, including formatted fill-in-the-blank notes for most courses and videos that answer common questions our students have had.

Student texting with her mentor

Ongoing Communication

Students are supported through regular mentor contact, helpful weekly emails, and access to a resource page featuring the top three things to know each week.

Someone reviewing a resume during an interview

College & Career Guidance

Our goal is to ensure that students graduate with a plan for their future, not just a diploma. We provide support and resources to help bridge the gap from high school to their next steps.

Student speaking with a professional counselor

Counseling Services

To prioritize mental health, we offer no-cost licensed professional counseling services to students and their families, either in-person in Gilbert, AZ or online via tele-therapy.

Students working at a HUB location

Support & Resources at our HUB Locations

HUB locations offer students the benefits of both in-person support and online education resources. They are strategically located to provide face-to-face assistance where needed.

Student receiving support and instruction from an ESS Specialist

Exceptional Student Services (ESS)

Our ESS department provides specialized assistance to students with IEP’s and 504 Plans, offering a range of accommodations, modifications, and social-emotional support.

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