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High School Student Services


Our ESS department assists students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Plans, providing fully online specialized accommodations, modifications, and social-emotional support in the least restrictive environment possible.

The Need for Specialized Student Services

Traditional students who need accommodations often face unique challenges that impact their academic and functional performance during the school year. Exceptional Student Services (ESS) provides the necessary additions and modifications to help these students succeed within any grade level of the school system.

By focusing on personalized educational strategies and supports, ESS ensures that all students have the opportunity to achieve academic success to the maximum extent.

Individualized Education Programs (IEP) & 504 Plans

  • IEP: The IEP online outlines measurable annual goals and specific accommodations tailored to the student’s needs and academic achievement, ensuring they can participate fully in their online courses.
  • 504 Plan: These plans are designed for students who do not require special education but need certain accommodations to better access the curriculum in a general education classroom. The plans ensure students are provided with the necessary modifications to achieve academic success through online learning.

Key Components of

IEPs & 504 Plans

Measurable Annual Goals

Clearly defined objectives tailored to the student’s specific educational needs.

Assistive Technology

Tools and resources provided by school personnel that facilitate learning and participation skills in the general education curriculum.

Assessment Modifications

Changes in testing environments or formats to accommodate the student’s needs.

Special Education Services

Targeted instruction and interventions designed to meet the goals outlined in the student’s plan.

Accessibility Adjustments

Modifications to the learning environment that enable full participation.

Instructional Supports

Supplementary aids and services that assist students in understanding and mastering the curriculum.

Grad Solutions’ Commitment to Supporting Educational Success

We understand the profound impact that effective Exceptional Student Services can have on a student’s life while in our dropout recovery online school program. Our commitment to providing comprehensive online ESS support and related services reflects our dedication to ensuring every student achieves their fullest potential.

What sets us apart

Grad Solutions Prioritizes Student Support

Hear from students and families about how ESS has made a significant difference in their educational experiences, providing them with the support needed to excel academically and socially.


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