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High School Student Services

College Planning for Current Students

Planning for college while in high school is crucial to building a foundation of success for your future education and career. With Grad Solutions by your side, you have the support and resources to take the next step.

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Why Planning Matters

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The Importance of Planning for Higher Education in High School

Planning for college while you’re still in high school can set you up for a successful future. It allows you to explore different options, understand the financial aid process, and meet application deadlines without stress. By starting early, you can make informed decisions and create a clear path to achieving your dreams.

A HS Graduate receiving a hug at graduation from their mentor.

High Schoolers Have Many Options for Higher Education

  • College: Four-year colleges offer a variety of programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree.
  • Community College: Two-year colleges offer associate degrees and are often more affordable.
  • Technical College: Focuses on hands-on skills and trades to prepare you for specific careers.
  • Trade Schools: Offer certifications in fields such as cosmetology, culinary arts, and automotive technology.
  • Online Colleges: Many provide a variety of degree options along with the flexibility to achieve academic success in your college degree from anywhere.

How we can help

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  • Customized Support from Counselors: Our guidance counselors are here to help you every step of the way, and create a plan for your future based on your goals and interests.
  • Resources: We provide plenty of resources, from important information on college admissions to help with federal aid applications. We can also help you find scholarships from local organizations, athletic scholarships, and more.

Key Considerations for College Planning

Now that you’ve decided to go back to high school, why stop there? Our school counselors can help guide you in these key areas as you consider continuing your education.


Potential Career Paths

Discover your passions and strengths to select a career path that aligns with your interests and skills.


Financial Aid

Learn about scholarships, federal student aid, and other resources to help pay for college.


Test Scores Requirements

Many colleges require standardized test scores, so be prepared to take these exams.


Scholarship Funds

Look for merit-based scholarships that can help reduce your college costs.


Federal Loans

Know your options for student loans in the United States and how they can support your education.


College Application Process

Understand the steps needed to apply to college, the deadlines you need to know, and future course requirements if applicable.

What sets us apart

Grad Solutions Kickstarts Your Future

Grad Solutions is all about making sure you succeed. Our academic program is fully accredited and free, with self-paced online courses that fit your schedule. But we don’t just stop at helping you get your high school diploma. We provide personalized mentoring, free tutoring, and comprehensive college preparation and career guidance to all our enrolled high school students.

Our team is always in your corner, ready to support you with regular check-ins, helpful emails, and a variety of resources. At Grad Solutions, we’re committed to helping you achieve your dreams and plan for a bright future. Join us and take the first step toward your college journey.

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