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Let’s celebrate you next year!

Graduation is a huge milestone that deserves a celebration! When you reach the finish line, we want to recognize your accomplishment.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a huge milestone! When you earn your diploma, you deserve a huge celebration. Recent grads are invited to walk across the stage and receive their diploma as their family and friends (and our staff) cheer you on! We host a few graduation ceremonies each year to give you the honor and celebration you deserve!

What you can expect:

Where and when is the graduation ceremony?

We host graduation ceremonies at venues located in the Phoenix metro area, usually in the winter and summer seasons. As we near the next ceremony, we’ll contact students that are close to completing their studies and encourage them to finish!

Who can participate?

Any Grad Solutions students that have completed their required credits, civics, and CPR requirements can participate in a graduation ceremony! If you missed out on an earlier ceremony, that’s okay. You’re welcome to walk across the stage at the next graduation!

How much does it cost to participate?

Nothing, the graduation ceremony is completely free! We provide graduates with their cap and gown, which you get to keep after the ceremony. You’ve done the hard work to get to this day, so we want to pick up the expenses.

Who can attend?

The ceremony is open to the public, so we encourage you to invite all the most important people in your life to celebrate with you! Your instructors, mentors, and the Grad Solutions staff will also be in attendance to cheer you on!

As you approach graduation, we will share more information with you!

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