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High School Student Mentoring Program

When a student enrolls in our high school dropout recovery program, they are immediately matched with a mentor who will go the extra mile to guide them through graduation. Having someone in your corner who genuinely cares can transform your educational journey.

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What Do Mentors Do For Our Students?

Our mentors primarily focus on breaking down any barriers you might face educationally. They dedicate a meaningful time commitment to provide the one-on-one guidance you need to cross the stage on graduation day. Our mentors are extremely flexible to specific mentee needs and sincerely care about their professional and personal growth.

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Personalized Student Mentor Support

Our mentors stand by you, offering inspiration and practical guidance every step of the way.

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Our mentors regularly check in via phone, email exchange, and text.



Even as you change teachers and classes, our mentors remain by your side, understanding your situation.



Our mentors monitor your academic progress and find ways to help.

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One of the most important mentoring initiatives is that they are your biggest cheerleaders!

How Our High School Mentoring Program Works

Grad Solutions’ mentoring is a built-in feature of our program. After enrolling, students get matched with a mentor equipped to unlock their full potential while in the program. Program managers attempt to match you based on gender preferences or other specific needs but ensure that all of the leaders in our mentor program are amazing.

Empower Students:

Mentoring Experience

A mentor who acts as your personal cheerleader can reframe your academic experience. We recognize the uniqueness of each student and the importance of one-on-one support. Our mentors are dedicated to empowering and helping you confidently find your passions. They go above and beyond, providing the support system you need for a successful journey.

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College, Career Goals, and Life Readiness with Grad Solutions

Our mentoring relationships allow program participants to gain the leadership skills and communication skills necessary for success in the academic year, professional development, and higher education. To us, a successful mentorship program means that we have made a positive impact on all graduate students of our program.

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Mentor helping two students with their school work at a table

Providing Students with a Mentor Who Plays Many Roles:

  • Friend
  • Leader
  • Confidant
  • Parent Figure

Change Your Life’s Direction

Watch our video to learn more about the impact of student mentoring.


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