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Unlock Your Potential

Earn your high school diploma online

It’s not too late to earn your diploma for free and begin a brighter future.

Graduate walking across the stage with their diploma
Graduate receiving their diploma
A mentor is hugging one of their students on their graduation day

Are you…

  • Stuck with no clear path forward?
  • Uncertain about your future and frustrated by limited opportunities?
  • Hoping for another chance to earn your diploma?
  • Searching for someone who can empathize with your past experiences?
Student smiling while holding their high school diploma

Earning a high school diploma with Grad Solutions…

  • Unlocks your potential and opens the door to greater opportunities.
  • Increases your earning capacity compared to those without a diploma or GED.
  • Proves to yourself and others what you can accomplish.
  • Introduces you to an experienced support team to help you through challenging circumstances.

What sets us apart

We understand how challenging it can be to return to school and earn your diploma.

With all the things that demand your time and energy, it can feel like an impossible goal. But, we can help. In fact, we’ve helped thousands graduate with their diploma for free since 2012.

Student smiling while working on their class
Student at the Phoenix HUB


Are you eligible for this free program?

You must be an Arizona resident between the ages of 16-21 and not currently enrolled in high school.

Program Benefits

  • Tuition-free so there’s no cost to you
  • 100% online courses that are self-paced, allowing you to access them at any time
  • No attendance required, no live lectures, and no need to set aside specific hours
  • Earn elective credits by using your work hours from your current job
  • Access to free tutoring, mentoring, and numerous other resources
  • Celebrate your achievement by attending a graduation ceremony
  • Get started any time

Enroll Today

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Step 1 Enroll

Take a few minutes to complete an application.

Enroll Today

Step 2 Orientation

Receive a welcome call soon after to begin program orientation.


Step 3 Begin

Create your individualized learning plan and begin your first class.

Mentor helping two students at the Phoenix HUB
Mentor smiling with a student on their graduation day

Why Enroll?

The right support and resources make all the difference.

Earning a high school diploma is often the first step toward achieving success, independence, financial stability, and a brighter future.

You might have had a bad experience, feel exhausted, or overwhelmed by the thought of going back to school. That’s okay and completely understandable.

We’re here for you. In addition to offering a free, flexible, and accredited program, we do whatever we can to surround our students with the support they need to graduate!

Founder’s Story

We personally know how challenging but rewarding this process can be.

Hear from our founder why providing a path to your diploma matters so much to us.

Common Hesitations

You might be thinking…

Here are some concerns we hear from time to time along with some helpful information!

I’m not sure I have time for this

Most of our students work, have families, or commitments that require their time. Our program is created to be flexible so you can complete coursework 24/7, whenever you can make time for school.

I previously struggled in school so I don’t think I can do this

We’ve learned education is not “one size fits all.” Some students need a different learning experience, such as a self-paced online program, rather than a traditional classroom. Plus, we’ll assign you a personal mentor to walk with you all the way to graduation and help you succeed!

I don’t have a stable enough environment to do schoolwork

You’re not alone! The good news is that our program is 100% online with no attendance or seat time requirements. You can complete school work from any location, such as a library, anywhere with internet access, or one of our HUB locations.

The application looks long and requires me to upload some documents I don’t have

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the enrollment process! You can skip over any document uploads and we can take care of those later.

It will take too long to graduate

We understand this feeling. The good news is we have some tools to help you move along quickly, such as applying your past credit, earning elective credits for working at your job, and testing to give you credit for information you already know! Plus, our program is self-paced so there’s no waiting on others, it’s up to you!

I think getting a GED would be easier… isn’t it the same thing as a high school diploma?

The short answer is no, a GED and a high school diploma are not the same. While getting a GED may seem easier, it can limit future opportunities. For more information about these differences, please check out our program details.

Change your life’s direction.

Your Diploma is Waiting.

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