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How a High School Student Overcame Loss and Disablement After an Accident

November 2nd, 2023
Madalyn, Class of 2023

Madalyn is a 2023 Grad Solutions graduate from Tucson, Arizona. Childhood was a tumultuous journey. Though she was an attentive student, she faced a series of major challenges along the way to finishing high school. This is the story of how she overcame those obstacles and went on to eventually realize one of her biggest dreams.

Early Struggles

As a young girl, Madalyn was a naturally curious student and always hungry for knowledge. She firmly believed that the day one stops learning is the day life ceases to thrive. Despite being interested in learning, her early years lacked the structure she longed for. 

Madalyn dropped out of high school four times, making high school graduation seem like a distant dream. Then in September of 2020, an unfortunate motorcycle accident changed the course of her life, leaving her with injuries, including the loss of the ball of her foot and a toe. 

 A decorated graduation cap that reads, "Long story short, I survived"

It was during her first week back from the hospital that she decided to take control of what came next and explored educational options on her own. She knew she needed to chart a different course to make something of her life.

Finding a Path Forward

Her quest to find a school that was flexible and worked with her schedule led her to Grad Solutions, an online platform that promised flexibility and fit her circumstances perfectly.

Through the Grad Solutions high school diploma program, she could now do her classes on her terms. Her motivation grew when her brother decided to join her in this academic journey. He had always been a pillar of support throughout her life. They worked toward finishing their classes together and expected to graduate together. 

One tragic day, her brother passed away. This left Madalyn to pursue her dreams alone, yet with a profound dedication to honor her brother’s memory.

Grad Solutions paired her with a mentor, a guiding light who offered unwavering support in her academic pursuits, personal growth, and any assistance she required. The mentors’ genuine concern for her future and education ignited Madalyn’s determination to succeed. 

She believed that without Grad Solutions, her graduation might have remained a distant goal. 

“If I hadn’t found Grad Solutions, I probably wouldn’t be graduating today,” 

Madalyn Fruge, Class of 2023

Pursuing a Brighter Future

With her diploma in hand, Madalyn embarked on a career path that resonated with her passion. She started working with children with autism, applying ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy. She finds immense fulfillment in giving back and making a positive impact on her clients.

Despite the trials and tribulations ahead, Madalyn is enthusiastic about her future. She recognizes that life won’t ever be a smooth ride, but with a diploma in hand, and the support of those around her, she is ready to confront the challenges and carve her path to adulthood.

A graduate celebrating after her ceremony with her family.

To those who are just starting on their journey back to high school after dropping out, Madalyn offers this advice:

“No matter what happens in life, things will always be thrown at you. The best thing to do is to remember how far you’ve come, the goals you’ve accomplished, and —when you feel like giving up —remember why you started.”

Madalyn Fruge, Class of 2023

Madalyn expresses gratitude to her family, especially her dad, sister, and her brother Carter. It is true that in life, adversities are inevitable, but the key is to remember the progress made, the successes you’ve achieved, and the rewards that lie ahead.

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