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Charting New Horizons: Grad Solutions Unveils High School Diploma Program for Arkansas’ Education Seekers

February 23rd, 2024
Photo looking over the river at downtown Little Rock, Arkansas

Grad Solutions, a prominent education management organization, proudly announces the launch of the Arkansas Adult Workforce Diploma Program, designed specifically for individuals aged 21 and above who have yet to obtain a high school diploma. This monumental program aims to impact Arkansas by investing in the undereducated adult populace and fostering the continual development of a skilled workforce.

The recent enactment of Arkansas House Bill 1529, Act 546, marked a significant milestone in the accessibility of education for adults aspiring to earn their high school diplomas. Grad Solutions and the Department of Education can administer the Adult Workforce Diploma Program through this bill. 

The program makes acquiring a high school education possible for the 9.1% of the state’s population that has never attained a high school diploma. Adults located anywhere in Arkansas can now earn their high school diploma for free through Grad Solutions’ well-established high school dropout recovery program.

As mentioned in a recent feature, Grad Solutions offers a flexible online model that enables each student to determine their schedule. The program provides individualized learning plans, career development, online workshops, and support services. Additionally, every student is supported by a team of highly qualified educators, mentors, and counselors.

For over ten years, Grad Solutions has provided a flexible and personalized high school diploma program that empowers students to realize their educational and career objectives. The new program launch will create new opportunities for residents of Arkansas. It highlights the organization’s commitment to promoting educational equity and empowerment.

For further information, visit www.iwantmydiploma.com/arkansas.

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