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It’s never too late to graduate!

Arkansas Adults can earn a high school diploma online for free

Change your life’s direction by earning an accredited high school diploma!

Life can get tricky, which is why we designed our adult education program to give you many options and tailor your learning just for you.


Grad Solutions student on graduation day with her children


Are you eligible for this free program? 

You must be an Arkansas resident and at least 21 years of age who does not have a high school diploma.

Graduates sitting in an auditorium at their ceremony
Student sitting with other graduates, holding a rose and their diploma

Student Support

Program Benefits

We offer our students academic support and services for success such as:

  • Access to online classes 24/7
  • Self-paced, get started anytime
  • Flexible, no attendance or seat time required
  • Free tutoring, personal mentoring, and other resources
  • Use your work hours from your job to earn elective credits
  • Opportunity to earn career certificates while finishing course requirements
Grad Solutions graduation day from the back of the crowd

Career Readiness

The Value of Your Diploma

Going back to get your high school education is the best next step you can take for yourself. In the United States, a diploma opens doors for professional growth. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, annual earnings for high school grads are 22% higher than those who did not complete high school. Not only will you gain career readiness, but displaying your accomplishment on an official transcript will pave the path to attending community college or other postsecondary education.

A mentor is hugging one of their students on their graduation day

Post Grad Support

After your graduation ceremony, what’s next?

We provide our AHS diploma holders with valuable guidance and support. Our support and resources to help bridge the gap from high school to your next steps.

Enrollment Process

The steps to enroll and what to expect:


Step 1 Interest Form

Complete the form with your contact information.

I’m interested

Step 2 Enrollment

We’ll give you a call to make sure you qualify and answer your questions.


Step 3 Get Started

Work with a mentor to develop an individualized learning plan and begin your first class.

Would you like to get started?

Please complete this form and our enrollment team will contact you!

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Adult learners who are not in Arkansas

For those interested in an adult HSD program who do not live in Arkansas, or are under the age of 21, that’s okay! We have a high school diploma solution for you too. Go ahead and complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you with more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering…

How can this be free?

Recent legislation (Act 546) has established the Arkansas Adult Diploma Program Act, a program to create a free path for many Arkansas residents over the age of 21 to complete their high school diploma. Grad Solutions is an approved facilitator of this program. There is no cost for qualifying students to participate (no fees, books, or other expenses). This program is available as long as state funds are still available.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for this program, you must:

  • Be an Arkansas resident
  • Be age 21 or older
  • Not have a high school diploma

Since this program is 100% online, access to a computer and the internet is also required.

Will I earn my GED or a diploma?

Upon completion, this program will award you an accredited high school diploma. By earning your diploma instead of a high school equivalency like the GED, you will increase your job prospects and your earning potential. Unlike an equivalency diploma, your diploma from Grad Solutions is fully accredited and will be accepted when applying for college or higher education.

What makes this different from other programs?

Grad Solutions offers a unique student experience. We know the right support can be a game-changer for our students. When you become a student, you will be assigned a personal mentor to help see you through from start to finish. They will offer support that’s tailored to you and access to resources to help you succeed with valuable life skills.

Am I a good fit for this?

This is a great opportunity for:

  • Individuals who completed some previous high school, but didn’t graduate

  • Parent/Grandparents looking to return to school

  • Anyone working full-time (or more) and looking to earn their diploma

Is this program totally online?

Yes! Grad Solutions students are able to complete their diploma classes entirely online. You must have a computer to access your coursework and communicate with your mentor and instructors.

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