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Valuable Resources at the HUB Benefit Students on their Journey to Graduation

February 9th, 2023

From that first life-changing moment, when we learn to tie our shoes, to the first time we make a meal for ourselves, life is full of amazing little milestones that help us to grow into independent people that can “do it for ourselves.” It’s what we’re encouraged to do from very early on. 

There are times in our lives when we need to do things on our own and be self-reliant. There are other times, however, when we need help from other people to get by. It’s just not possible to do it alone! As we reach different parts of our journey, our needs change. Trying to do it all alone is neither practical nor advisable. That’s when we need to look to those around us to get the resources we need.

At Grad Solutions, we know that many of our students have specific needs and they’re not all the same. That’s why we provide services and resources to meet a variety of needs. Sometimes they’re basic things needed to survive and other times they’re more complex needs like recovery or housing services. Whatever those needs are, our staff is there for them.

Caring Mentors that stay by your side

The first line of support for Grad Solutions students is their Mentor. The Mentor is a dedicated support person assigned to a student. They check in with their students regularly and work to help them overcome any obstacles they are facing. A Mentor cares about their students’ well-being and wants to see them prosper. For many, a Mentor is also a friend. Over the course of their time at Grad Solutions, students often build relationships with their Mentor.

Almost endless resources at the HUB

HUB Locations are where students can get assistance for many of their life needs. They provide countless services, tools and resources to help students get what they need to overcome life’s barriers.

Their student resources include:

  • Computer and Wi-Fi access
  • Homework & lounge areas
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Food, hygiene, and clothing vault
  • Tutoring sessions from live teachers
  • Child-safe parent work area
  • Counseling services
  • Laundry facilities
  • Study groups
  • Workshops
  • Social activities/events
  • Meeting opportunities with mentors and instructors

The HUB often hosts our community partners for services that our students need. Students who need these services can come in anytime during business hours and talk with the Resource Specialist.

Level up your learning with tutoring from live teachers

One unique thing about the online high school program at Grad Solutions is that even though it’s online, you can meet with a credentialed, high-quality teacher to get tutoring. Whether you need to talk with them right away or in-person at the HUB. The teachers at Grad Solutions want to see you pass your classes. As a Grad Solutions student, you can request time to meet with them online or at the HUB as you need. Your teacher’s contact information is available in Edgenuity.

Get help when you need it most

There can be moments when you are in a difficult or dangerous situation that needs immediate attention. In those moments, Megan Loeffler, a Community Resource Specialist, is there to walk with you in what you’re going through. While Megan is based out of the Phoenix HUB, she is able to help any student based in Arizona. She can be reached at meganl@iwantmydiploma.com.

Also available for anyone is the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (previously the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline). It provides 24/7 support for anyone experiencing emotional distress. You can reach out to them at any time. Call or text 988 or chat at 988lifeline.org.

Plan your future with our Guidance Counselors

Graduation Solutions wants students to not only graduate but move forward with a plan for what’s next. They want to make sure students succeed. So, whether students choose to jump into the job market, enroll in a trade certification program, or pursue a college degree, they have support to get them started. The College and Career Readiness team has resources for you that will help you be prepared for life after your diploma.

The School Counselor is available to meet with students online or in person, as they need. Students just fill out the form to schedule a time and meet with School Counselor Angela Chicci!

Attain critical life skills and business coaching

The JAG program gives students the opportunity to get business and career coaching for free. Students in the program gain an advantage by learning what it takes to succeed in business or a career. The program is currently available at the East Valley HUB location and is offered as a for-credit elective course.

Business or career coaching services normally cost $75 to $250 per hour. Students in the JAG program will get it for free. The JAG Coordinator and Business Coach, Emily Amparan, can provide more information about the program and what students expect when they join the program. She can be reached at emilya@iwantmydiploma.com.

We know that reaching out to ask for help can take courage. That’s why we want students to know that it’s okay to ask for help. We all need help sometimes. When that time comes for you, know that Grad Solutions has many resources and partnerships to help you overcome!

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