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Unexpected Ways Online School Gives Confidence to Teens With Health Challenges

December 28th, 2023
Student working on his coursework at the Mesa HUB

Balancing school with health responsibilities can be a big challenge for students facing chronic medical conditions. For students managing ongoing medical treatments, traditional in-person school can pose obstacles. The structured framework of mainstream education is needed to help students develop time management and organizational skills. However, for those with medical needs, the demands of that environment can be unworkable. Fortunately, there are alternatives for students with health challenges. It is possible to attend online school and effectively balance medical appointments. For many, they can continue their education without compromising their health further.

The Benefits of Online School 

Online school can be less risky for teens with chronic health conditions for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a more controlled environment where exposure to potential health risks, such as contagious illnesses, is minimized. In a virtual learning setting, students can engage in their studies from the safety of their homes, reducing the likelihood of exposure to infections prevalent in traditional school settings. 

Close up photo of student's hands typing on their keyboard

In addition, online education offers flexibility, allowing students with chronic health conditions to tailor their schedules around their health needs. This flexibility can help in managing medical appointments, rest periods, and any unexpected health challenges more effectively. 

Moreover, the ability to access educational resources remotely ensures that students with chronic health conditions can continue their education without compromising their well-being, as they can participate in classes and complete assignments from the comfort of a familiar and safe environment.

360 Support for Overcoming Challenges

Student receiving help from an instructor at the Phoenix HUB

A strong support system can significantly boost the confidence of students with health issues in several ways. Emotional support from family, friends, teachers, and healthcare professionals can create a nurturing environment that acknowledges and addresses the challenges associated with health conditions. Feeling understood and supported emotionally can reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety, contributing to improved mental well-being. Practical support, such as accommodations in the educational environment, allows students to navigate their academic responsibilities more comfortably. Knowing that there is a network of people who are ready to assist and accommodate their needs provides a sense of security and empowerment. This helps students with health issues develop a more positive self-perception and confidence, enabling them to focus on their studies and other aspects of life with a greater sense of resilience and optimism.

Dedicated Mentor Support

While online education lacks the face-to-face interaction of traditional classrooms, mentor support plays a crucial role in the well-being and success of students attending online high school. That is why Grad Solutions invests heavily in Mentor support for students. The Mentors are assigned to students from the beginning and stay with them through to the end. Online platforms, email, and text messaging provide channels for students to connect with their mentors, share experiences, and offer support. This sense of virtual connection can be particularly comforting for students managing medical appointments, as they can seek advice and understanding from mentors who have helped other students facing similar challenges.

When teens enroll in the high school diploma program at Grad Solutions, they are connected with a Mentor who dedicates their time to making sure the student’s needs are met and they can make progress. The intentional focus on progress, not perfection takes the stress out of finishing school. 

Open Communication with Caring Teachers

In the online learning environment, communication with instructors is critical for student success. When teacher and student communication is available through email, messaging systems, and virtual office hours, students can keep an open dialogue with their instructors and ask questions anytime they are available. Open communication with teachers and mentors gives students opportunities to inform their supporters at school about their health-related challenges and upcoming medical appointments. When instructors in online school programs are available and accommodating, students can stress less about expectations and academic demands.

Unending Support and Resources

Managing medical appointments requires a strong support system. Online schools often encourage students to build connections with their mentors, instructors, and in-person support services, if they are available. This network becomes a valuable resource during times of medical challenges, offering emotional support, understanding, and practical assistance. Establishing a support system is essential for maintaining a healthy balance between education and health needs.

Photo overlooking the main floor workspace at the Phoenix HUB

Grad Solutions provides student support and partner resources that extend beyond academics to address various needs. The HUB is a comprehensive support system eliminating barriers hindering students’ progress toward a brighter future. It is a center where all Grad Solutions students can get the resources they need. These services aim to create a supportive ecosystem for students. Each category offers specific aid, from housing assistance in various locations to parenting assistance, employment services, transportation solutions, and technology resources.

  • Academic and career exploration resources are provided through programs like Keys to Success, Opportunities for Youth, Neighborhood Ministries Workforce Programs, and UMOM Employment Center, which offer career development, internships, and employment assistance. 
  • Transportation resources such as Ride with 24 and Phoenix HUB Transportation cater to the mobility needs of students within a 10-mile radius.
  • Additionally, the HUB facilitates access to affordable technology through programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program and offers free WiFi and computer use at all HUB locations.
  • For parenting assistance, services like Maggie’s Place, Early Head Start Program, and Choices support pregnant women and young mothers, offering housing, childcare, and parenting courses.
  • Tax preparation resources, legal services, and healthcare resources are also available, ensuring students receive guidance on filing taxes, legal assistance, and healthcare support.
  • Mental health and substance abuse resources are crucial components of student support. Grad Solutions offer free counseling through its counseling partners to help address the mental and emotional health needs of students, regardless of their situation or background. As you can tell, services at the HUB locations encompass a diverse range of support services to ensure students’ holistic well-being and success.

Online education has become a transformative solution for students seeking to balance medical appointments with their academic pursuits. It can be for any student in need of education in an alternative setting. The inherent flexibility, accessibility, and personalized nature of online learning provide students with the tools they need to navigate their health challenges successfully. This gives them a sense of empowerment to confidently progress. By embracing the advantages of the online high school diploma program at Grad Solutions, students can prioritize their well-being without compromising their education, ensuring a better balance between medical requirements and academic progress. Click to learn more about student support and resources!

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