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Preparing Students for Success: Grad Solutions Featured on AZTV7

August 30th, 2023
Rachelle Morris, the Executive Director of Education for Grad Solutions, shares about student success.

Thousands of Arizona students face challenges such as not receiving diplomas or dropping out of school. To address this issue, Grad Solutions has emerged as a support system aimed at helping these students regain their educational path and equip them for success. 

In this AZTV7 interview, Rochelle Morris, Graduation Solutions Executive Director of Education, explains that the pandemic highlighted the growing number of students who did not graduate due to factors like anxiety and reluctance to return to physical classrooms. Grad Solutions stepped in to assist students in these situations.

Even before the pandemic, certain regions, especially in Western states, had a significant number of disconnected youth—those aged 16 to 24 who were neither in school nor employed. The pandemic exacerbated this issue, leading Arizona to one of the highest dropout rates in the nation. Grad Solutions collaborates with public schools to offer reengagement programs for dropouts, catering not only to high school-age students but also extending their services to older adults who never graduated. 

The significance of a high school diploma cannot be overemphasized. Its impact is all-encompassing and affects self-esteem, job opportunities, and overall preparedness for the future. Grad Solutions goes beyond just diploma attainment; it assists students in identifying their postsecondary paths, aiding them in transitioning to college or career pursuits.

The interview also touches on the Grad Solutions learning model which involves blended learning, utilizing online curriculum and a combination of virtual and in-person teachers. 

Learning centers known as HUB locations are established across the region, providing a supportive environment for students facing various challenges. The HUB offers wraparound services, including resources for food, housing, daycare, and more, catering to the needs of disenfranchised students, such as the homeless population.

The discussion highlights the importance of these HUB locations not only for academic learning but also for building interpersonal skills and a sense of community. Grad Solutions aims to fill the gaps in public education by providing specialized services and alternative education that caters to individual student needs.

You can also view this interview here, on the AZTV7 website.

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