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Preparing for Success: Grad Solutions’ Next Step Program Paves the Way to a Brighter Future

November 28th, 2023
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Imagine a high school that helps teens prepare for life: exposes them to job opportunities, career possibilities, and the college admission process, a school that provides individual guidance, and helps them figure out what is their dream. Does it seem like wishful thinking?

Today, it’s essential that teens are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in life after high school. They need a high school diploma but they also need to be prepared for what comes after. Grad Solutions is a program committed to helping students overcome hurdles to education. They have set aside significant resources and developed a program to ensure that students are well-prepared for the transition into adulthood. 

Advisor sitting with a student at a laptop, reviewing resources

The Grad Solutions Next Step program is one-of-a-kind. It’s designed to help students thrive in the various life paths they choose by teaching them skills not typically taught in traditional online high school programs. The Next Step program is not just about getting a high school diploma; it’s about preparing students for life beyond the classroom. It encourages exploration and empowers students to shape their futures confidently.

“At Graduation Solutions, we are driven by a profound sense of responsibility to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to thrive beyond high school.  Our mission is to guide and inspire every student to recognize the value of post-secondary education, training, and certification programs. We help them explore, set, and achieve post-secondary pathway and career goals.”

Angela Chicci, School Guidance Counselor and Next Step Director

Five Pathways to Success

One of the standout features of the Next Step program is its five distinct pathways, each tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of the individual student. These pathways offer a diverse range of options for students, ensuring they have the tools to excel in the specific field they choose. The five pathways are:

  1. Graduation to Work: For students who are eager to enter the workforce after high school, this pathway provides the necessary skills and knowledge to land a job, write a compelling resume, and succeed in interviews. It includes guidance on managing finances and understanding the basics of employment contracts and benefits.
  2. Military Service: Those who aspire to serve their country can prepare for a career in the military through this pathway. Students will learn about the various branches, military culture, physical fitness, and the application process. They’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision about pursuing a military career.
  3. Trade or Vocational School: Many students have a passion for hands-on work and specific trades. The Next Step program offers a comprehensive guide on pursuing vocational education, helping students identify suitable trade schools and apprenticeships; and the steps to gain practical experience in their chosen field. Grad Solutions is expanding partnerships with trade certification programs to offer students opportunities to complete industry-recognized certifications while students are in high school – and earn elective credits for their training!
  4. Community College: Community colleges are a valuable stepping stone for many students. This pathway guides students through the community college experience, including enrollment, financial aid, and transferring to a four-year institution if they wish to continue their education.
  5. Four-Year University: For those with aspirations of attending a four-year university, this pathway provides comprehensive guidance on university admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. Students will learn how to navigate the application process, choose the right major, and excel in their chosen field of study.

How It Gives Students a Competitive Edge 

The Next Step program from Grad Solutions offers a distinct advantage to enrolled students. By providing access to a comprehensive educational resource, students are better prepared to take on the challenges of life after high school. They are equipped with not just academic knowledge, but also the practical skills and guidance needed to succeed in their chosen paths.

Student sitting down with an advisor, receiving guidance

Here’s how Next Step gives students a competitive edge:

  • Personalized Guidance: The program doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it tailors its guidance to each student’s chosen pathway, ensuring they receive personalized advice and support.
  • Real-World Application: The program focuses on real-world skills and knowledge that will prove invaluable as students transition into adulthood. From creating a budget to acing job interviews, students gain practical experiences that set them apart from their peers.
  • Confidence Building: Equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, students emerge from the Next Step program with increased self-assurance, ready to tackle job interviews, school applications, and much more head-on.
  • Savings and Opportunities: By offering the Next Step program for free to enrolled students, Grad Solutions is not only reducing the financial burden but also opening doors to numerous opportunities that might have been otherwise unattainable.

The transition from high school to the broader world is a critical juncture in a young person’s life. The Grad Solutions Next Step program is a beacon of hope for students, offering them the guidance, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed after high school. Whether they decide to enter the workforce, serve in the military, pursue a trade or vocational education, attend community college, or aim for a four-year university, the Next Step program ensures that students are prepared as they embark on their chosen path.

By providing this program for free to enrolled students, Grad Solutions shows its commitment to preparing the next generation for success. Grad Solutions Next Step program is more than just an educational resource; it’s a life-changing opportunity that equips students to shape their future. Enrolling in Grad Solutions is not just about earning a diploma; it’s about securing a bright and promising future for our students and generations thereafter.

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