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Music — An Inspiration to Keep Moving Forward

April 28th, 2022
Miesha House in recording studio

In 2020, before anyone had heard of COVID-19 or the lockdown had begun, Miesha was struggling through public high school. One day in class, a sick classmate coughed on her. She was shocked to have someone sick cough on her but went about her day.

Two days later, she started feeling sick herself. The illness progressed and she couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. It turns out, she had COVID. It caused her to miss three weeks of school, weeks that she couldn’t afford to miss because she was already behind. It was a major setback. She felt overwhelmed with school and decided to drop out. 

It was around this time that Miesha got involved with some negative influences. She started smoking and drinking. After a while, she started to feel that she wasn’t cut-out to be in school. She settled into doing what she wanted and didn’t worry about anything else. 

Then one day, everything changed. She gained new inspiration through a song. Everything that she was feeling and experiencing went into her song. She shared the song and everyone loved it. Miesha’s eyes were opened to possibilities that she couldn’t imagine before. She started thinking about her future and what she would need to do to create a better life for herself. She started to gain hope that she could go back to school and finish her studies. 

Several people tried to discourage her from returning to school, but she was set on going back and finishing her high school education. At first, she joined a GED program but it didn’t work out for her. She also struggled with some family issues. She dropped out of the program and around the same time, was kicked out of her home. Things weren’t working out.  

One day, she had a doctor’s appointment and wasn’t sure if she should go —but something told her that she needed to show up. The doctor referred her to an organization that would provide her with some alternative school options. At first, they suggested a GED program but knowing that a GED program wouldn’t be a good fit, she asked for another option. That’s when they suggested Grad Solutions. 

Miesha called Grad Solutions and within two days, she was enrolled. She took advantage of a number of services offered by GS, including the work-study program. Not long after she enrolled at GS, she was offered a job at The HUB. She’s also received help to apply for scholarships and has two waiting for her once she enrolls in college, something she plans to do after graduating from Grad Solutions. 

“When I turned 18, I felt the chains break off of me.”

Miesha, Grad Solutions Graduate

Miesha has also found freedom through a new living arrangement. She was referred to an organization by The HUB Director, Sarah Arsenault. They helped her get into independent living with other young adults like herself. 

She still feels pain but is gaining the tools to be the best version of herself. Most of all, she is learning to love herself and openly show her true self. Miesha has learned that some people may treat you badly but you don’t have to respond with hate.

Music continues to be a source of inspiration and strength for Miesha. She became part of the community at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Center and just finished recording her first song, “Keep Moving Forward.” During this time, she has also found faith in God and in her ability to move forward, despite the challenges that will come her way.  “What inspired me to write “Keep Moving Forward” were the rough times in my life. I was tired of hearing excuses from those who hurt me or used me and hearing excuses from myself that I couldn’t accomplish my goal,” she says.

“…Never give up on yourself or your goals. Believe in the impossible. If you want something, get up and work for it.”

Miesha, Grad Solutions Graduate

She was also just recruited to be a spokesperson and share about her experience at GS. She is excited about the opportunity because it will encourage other young adults to keep going, even when others are trying to keep them down. “What I would love to say to the people who are getting educated at Grad Solutions is to never give up on yourself and your goals. Believe in the impossible. If you want something, get up and work for it. You will receive the reward you deserve for putting all that time and energy into achieving your goals,” she says, “This is the side of me that I want people to see. It’s time to be free.” 

Listen to Keep Moving Forward

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