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9 Things Parents Can Expect When Their Student Enrolls at Grad Solutions

February 16th, 2023

If you’re a parent or guardian of a student that struggled in high school and dropped out, you’re not alone. At Grad Solutions, we often talk with guardians that are worried about what will happen to their child because school didn’t work out for them before. They want to know how things will be different for their child if they enroll in the high school dropout recovery program at Grad Solutions. 

Here we’ll share some unique parts of the high school program at Grad Solutions and why it works so well for many of our currently enrolled students. 

1. Grad Solutions helps students get started quickly

You might already have realized that since Grad Solutions is 100% online, there are no books or assignments to print out. There is very little needed besides a computer or tablet and internet access. However, some students need help getting the right technology. So, enrolled students that need assistance getting equipment can talk to their Mentor to make arrangements for any  needs they may have to get started. They’ve designed a system that gets students learning quickly. 

2. Your student is doing school work, even when it doesn’t seem like it

The Grad Solutions program is progress-based, which means students can log in when they can, anytime day or night. To many parents, it will seem like their child isn’t doing any school work because they aren’t logging in every day. The thing is, the Grad Solutions program doesn’t require students to login every day. They can do school work at a time that works for them. If they’re a night owl, that might be at 10 PM at night. If they’re a morning person, it could be 6 AM before they go to work. As long as they make progress, they can stay enrolled. 

3. Grad Solutions helps students with the challenges they face

Every student has an assigned Mentor who will be their primary support person all through their enrollment at Grad Solutions. Students also have access to tutoring with live credentialed teachers, counseling services, advice from our blog, and our technical support team if something isn’t working.

Students can visit one of our physical HUB Locations where many of their physical needs can be met. Most of all, we help students get what they need to finish high school, plan for the future and be prepared for life after high school with post-high school support from the school counselor. 

4. Previously acquired credits can be transferred 

Your student can transfer their credits from a previous school. This helps them graduate faster and prevents them from repeating courses. Any credits they’ve already completed can be applied toward their graduation requirements and they will get a learning plan customized for them. 

5. Every step toward progress is acknowledged

It’s easy to track your child’s progress in the learning system. Once they log in, they’ll see their course has a progress bar. They will see the bar is blue (meaning they’re on pace) or green (meaning they’re ahead). Every time a class is completed, parents are encouraged to acknowledge the accomplishment and celebrate. 

6. They can finish classes faster with prescriptive tests

Prescriptive tests are optional tests that can be taken once before they begin a class. These let students test out of some parts of the course and complete classes faster. 

7. They can satisfy elective requirements with their work hours

Many of our students are working while they are enrolled at Grad Solutions. So, it works out incredibly well that students can earn elective credits while they work by signing up for CREW. One of the best ways to move up their graduation date is through our CREW program. Learn more here.

8. Every class has a cumulative exam

The cumulative exam is the final exam for each course. However, students can use their completed Guided Notes on the cumulative exam! This is one of the reasons why doing the guided notes is so important. For many students, it’s the difference between passing or failing the final. 

9. The staff cares…

The staff at Grad Solutions all work toward one thing: to see students succeed in life. Many of the staff are highly experienced in their respective fields and have chosen to serve at Grad Solutions because they genuinely care about the students. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to help them get to graduation. 

You might be starting to see that Grad Solutions offers a different type of high school diploma program. It’s been specifically designed for students who have dropped out of school and need support in different ways. If your child dropped out of school but is ready to try something different, we would be honored to have them join our program. Together, we can help your student get to where they need to be —walking the stage at graduation.

Interested in learning more? You can learn more about life as a GS student here: GS Student Life

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