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A new and flexible way to graduate high school!

Ohio students can earn a high school diploma online for free

Grad Solutions offers a statewide online high school alternative for students to earn an accredited diploma, providing customizable learning options to suit your individual needs.

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You must be an Ohio resident between the ages of 16-21 who does not have a high school diploma.

Students must log in and complete coursework for 5 hours/day or 25 hours/week.

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Student sitting with other graduates, holding a rose and their diploma

Student Support

Program Benefits

We offer our students academic support and services for success such as:

  • Access to online classes 24/7
  • Open enrollment, get started anytime
  • Flexible, complete coursework around your schedule
  • Free tutoring, personal mentoring, and other resources
  • Use your work hours from your job to earn elective credits
  • Opportunity to earn career certificates while finishing course requirements

Enrollment Process

The steps to enroll and what to expect:


Step 1 Interest Form

Complete the form with your contact information.

I’m interested

Step 2 Enrollment

We’ll give you a call to make sure you qualify and answer your questions.


Step 3 Get Started

Work with a mentor to develop an individualized learning plan and begin your first class.

Student Services

We provide comprehensive support systems and resources for student personal growth.



All students are assigned a personal mentor committed to supporting them throughout their academic journey until graduation.

Ongoing Communication

Students are supported through regular mentor contact, helpful weekly emails, and access to a resource page featuring the top three things to know each week.

Exceptional Student Services (ESS)

Our team provides specialized assistance to students with IEP and 504 plans, offering a range of accommodations, modifications, and social-emotional support.

Support & Resources at the HUB

Our HUB location offer students the benefits of both in-person support and online education resources. Stop by for face-to-face assistance when needed!


Free tutoring services are available for all students. Our highly qualified instructors offer online tutoring services to help you succeed. In-person tutoring is also available at our HUB location.

Academic Resources

We provide resources to help students succeed, including formatted fill-in-the-blank notes for most courses and videos that answer common questions our students have had.

Counseling Services

To prioritize mental health, we offer no-cost licensed professional counseling services to students and their families via tele-therapy.

Post-Graduation Support

We help students graduate with a plan for their future, not just a diploma. We provide support and resources to bridge the gap from high school to the next step.

Grad Solutions graduation day from the back of the crowd

Is graduating from high school worth it?

Where are you located?

4504 Darrow Rd, Stow, OH 44224

Grad Solutions proudly offers a HUB location and support services to students in Ohio.

If you’re in the area, please stop by our resource center near Akron, which provides:

  • Tutoring from instructors
  • Personal mentoring
  • Computer & internet access
  • Access to local resources through our partners

Ready to get started?

Please complete this form and our enrollment team will contact you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering…

How can this be free?

We operate as a Community School in Ohio in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education. As long as students meet the standards set by the state, they will receive funding similar to the way that public schools receive state funding. Click here to read the applicable state laws.

To learn more about our charter, Presidents Digital Academy, click here.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for this program, you must:

  • Be an Ohio resident
  • Be between the ages of 16 and 21
  • Not have a high school diploma

Since this program is 100% online, access to a computer and the internet is also required.

Will I earn my GED or a diploma?

Upon completion, this program will award you an accredited high school diploma. By earning your diploma instead of a high school equivalency like the GED, you will increase your job prospects and your earning potential. Unlike an equivalency diploma, your diploma from Presidents Digital Academy is fully accredited and will be accepted when applying for college or higher education.

What makes this different from other programs?

Grad Solutions offer a unique student experience. We know the right support can be a game-changer for our students. When you become a student, you will be assigned a personal mentor to help see you through from start to finish. They will offer support that’s tailored to you and access to resources to help you succeed with valuable life skills.

Am I a good fit for this?

This is a great opportunity for:

  • Individuals who completed some previous high school, but didn’t graduate

  • Young parents looking to return to school

  • Anyone working full-time (or more) and looking to earn their diploma

Is this program totally online?

Yes! Grad Solutions students are able to complete their diploma classes entirely online. You must have a computer to access your coursework and communicate with your mentor and instructors.

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Grad Solutions is a statewide online school operating in partnership with Presidents Digital Academy.
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