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You Deserve to Graduate
Grad Solutions gives you the support you need to overcome barriers you may have experienced in a traditional high school environment. The demands outside of school can make a traditional school schedule almost impossible for you to attend; that’s why we developed a personalized program to meet your needs. Our team is here to help you get back on track by creating your individual learning plan and walking alongside you toward graduation.

Why Choose Us

Your support team, which includes an Orientation Counselor and a Mentor, will work with you to create your individual learning plan. This, along with your graduation evaluation, will show you what you need to complete in order to meet the requirements of graduation. Our certified and highly qualified teachers will assist you with any of your academic needs, including tutoring support. Because our curriculum is delivered online, it is flexible (available 24/7) and tailored to meet your needs. You CAN earn your diploma, and we want to help!

Credit Acceptance

  • At Grad Solutions we do our very best to accept all incoming credits earned. We do a thorough graduation evaluation to outline what classes you still have to take.

Computer Loaner Program 

  • Don’t have a computer? We can help!  We operate a laptop loaner program for students in need.  Ask your Orientation Counselor about current availability.


  • Grad Solutions is a PROGRESS based program. Yep, progress, no seat time or timesheets required!  You will have a Monthly Progress Requirement that you must meet.  You are encouraged to move faster than this minimum requirement so you can get to graduation sooner!

Orientation Counselors and Mentors

Upon enrollment, an Orientation Counselor will be assigned to you and will be in contact with you throughout the Admissions process. We must have the following documents on file in order to complete your enrollment:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Address Verification
  • Immunization Records (or waiver)
  • Prior Transcripts
  • Prior Withdrawal Form (you must be withdrawn for at least 30 days)

Once enrolled, your Orientation Counselor will help you create your personalized learning plan get you started in your first course. Once you are comfortable and making adequate progress, you will be transferred to your permanent Mentor.

Your Mentor will be with you until your graduation. They will support and encourage you every step of the way. This Mentor is available to help you progress toward graduation. From walking you through your Personalized Learning Plan to getting you through graduation clearance, this person partners with you.

We Help You Skip the Stuff You've Already Learned

Grad Solutions can help you move through courses as quickly as possible.  To do this, we ensure you understand the content, and then move you forward.  There are two specific ways this is done:

  1. Test Outs: If you have taken a course previously and did not pass it, then you may be eligible to attempt to Test Out of that course. That means, you work with your Mentor and take the final exam with a proctor. If you pass that exam, you get the credit!  If not, you will be put into the course and work through it until you have mastered the content.
  2. Pre-tests: Before every lesson in our courses, you will take a pre-test of the content that is about to be taught. If you pass the pre-test, you get to skip that lesson!  It’s as easy as that.

Bottom line: if you can show you know the material, you don’t have to learn it again!

Earn Your Diploma
When you graduate from Grad Solutions you will earn a High School Diploma. This is not a GED program. As you may know, in the workforce a high school diploma is typically preferred over a GED.

Grad Solutions was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to graduate high school. Since we opened our doors in 2012, Grad Solutions has been helping students fulfill their potential.


We do this through personalized instruction, excellent curriculum, flexible, self-paced, online program that doesn’t require minimum daily or weekly attendance. Get your diploma, not a GED! We work around your schedule and life.

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