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If you are a part of a school or district that is interested in our services, you have come to the right place. Read more to learn how you can help!

Our Services

Our goal is to help as many high school dropouts complete their education and graduate. Doing so will help our students, families, communities and employers. Improving your school’s report card will be a by-product of our success and from the success of your former students.

Nothing To Lose

We do NOT compete with you for students! We are not allowed to enroll students that are currently enrolled in your school. Our program is only for students that have previously dropped out of school.

We want to help you by providing a resource for the students who have dropped out. We are on your side and we are on their side. We want to help the students complete their education and graduate, and we want to help you by providing a program to refer them to.

If they are ready to go back to a traditional setting after recovering credits in our program, we help them take the necessary steps to do so.

Everything To Gain

We will provide dropout recovery services to your former students and get them off your dropout list. Your W-4 dropout students are changed to W-1’s (transfer to another school). Your dropout rate will be reduced and your school report card will improve.

Partner With Us

                       There are several ways you can be involved and help the students succeed:                   

•Send students fliers or business cards about our program

•Allow us to rent out or use your computer lab after school hours

•Refer students who have dropped out to our program

When you use our services as a tool to lessen your dropout rate and better the community, everyone wins!


Interested in helping students succeed? Contact us here:


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