Am I eligible for the Arizona funded program?

If you are 16-21, reside in Arizona, have been out of an Arizona High School for the past 30 days, then you qualify for our free Dropout Recovery Program.

What do I need to get enrolled?

All we need is: Address Verification, Birth Certificate, and Immunizations or Waiver. While you are getting us these documents, we will contact your prior school(s) to get your records. Once your file is complete, you can get started!

When does the next block of courses begin?

You can start courses at any time, on any day!  As long as your enrollment file is complete, you can start!  You do not have to wait for another block or schedule to start.

How do I re-enroll?

We are glad that you are considering coming back!  Simply ENROLL NOW and indicate that you are a returning student, and our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

I am over 21, can you help me?

Yes, we partner with Smart Schools, a non-profit, private, online, accredited high school. With low tuition and flexible program offers, this is a great opportunity. Click Here to find out more about Smart Schools.

Do my credits transfer to your school?

At Grad Solutions we do our very best to accept all incoming credits earned. We do a thorough transcript evaluation and show you what you need to complete in order to earn your diploma.

How long will it take?

That depends on how fast you work and how many credits you need to complete!

Do I have to go anywhere in person?

Courses can be completed fully online. State testing is in-person for those students that are required to test.

Do I have to take AzMerit?

Only students who take specific courses are required to take the AzMerit test. AzMerit tests are done in person. Your mentor will notify you if you need to test.

Do I have to take the AIMS test?

AIMS testing is no longer required in Arizona.

Do you hold graduation ceremonies?

Yes, we hold a wonderful graduation ceremony in July of each year. We hope to be celebrating your graduation soon!

Do your credits transfer to other schools?

Students/parents should check on the transfer policy of the school the credits are being transferred to for the details of their policy.

Is there tutoring available?

Yes! We offer online and virtual tutoring to our students.

Is this a diploma or GED?

Grad Solutions graduates earn a high school diploma. This is not a GED program.

Are you Accredited?

Graduation Solutions is a fully accredited Educational Management Organization. We have international accreditation through Accreditation International and are regionally accredited through Middle States Association.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, they are certified and highly qualified.

Is your diploma accepted by colleges or the military?

Yes, diplomas are issued from our partner schools which are recognized by colleges and the military.

How Does the Program Work?

Grad Solutions is an Arizona Dropout Recovery Program.  It is free for students who live in Arizona, have been out of an Arizona High School for more than 30 days, and are between the ages of 16-21.  Our curriculum is delivered online.  This is a progress based program, which means there are no daily attendance requirements.  Simply make your monthly progress requirement and you can stay enrolled and continue working towards your diploma.

Is It All Online?

Our curriculum is delivered fully online with 24/7/365 access.

Do you have computers for students to use?

Yes!  Grad Solutions offers a student computer loaner program.  Be sure to ask your Orientation Counselor about current availability.

How much does it cost?

Our program is FREE for those who qualify (lives in Arizona, 16-21 years old, and out of an Arizona High School for at least 30 days).  If you do not qualify for our free program, please check out Smart Schools as this is a private, fully accredited, online school with low tuition.  We can help you!

How many credits does it take to earn a diploma?

The state of Arizona currently requires 22 credits to earn a diploma.

Grad Solutions was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to graduate high school. Since we opened our doors in 2012, Grad Solutions has been helping students fulfill their potential.


We do this through personalized instruction, excellent curriculum, flexible, self-paced, online program that doesn’t require minimum daily or weekly attendance. Get your diploma, not a GED! We work around your schedule and life.

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